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What's Cool: LCR posted on: 15/06/15 @ 02:06

I recently spoke about LCR on my segment "In the Cut," on "Bonnie in the Morning," on NPR Station 88.3wppb. Since then, I have brought it with me to some parties and people have fallen in love with this little Dice Game. It is three dice with each side having... read more »

In the Cut: A Rad Career posted on: 02/06/15 @ 02:06

Recently on on In the Cut, (my segment on Bonnie in the Morning, on NPR Station 88.3 wppb), I spoke about my favorite movie of all time: Rad! More specifically about Bill Allen and the fact that he has a new book out called My Rad Career. Bill Allen was... read more »

Dead End: An AJB Feature Film posted on: 31/05/15 @ 06:05

I have completed my first feature film entitled Dead End. The film stars Gail Baranello, Adrianna de Svastich and Kiirstin Marilyn. The Synopsis: Dead End is an Art Film drenched in music, art and dance. An existential film in which we first see a Ballerina, a Dancer and a Singer,... read more »

New Song: Further posted on: 20/05/15 @ 02:05

My New Project is entitled Esoteric Hearts. I have released the first 4 songs on the internets, but now that I am back on my using my blog heavily, I am going to have each song up on here as well. Like "Do what you Love" and "Keep Going," "Further,"... read more »

In the Cut: Communication and Design. posted on: 20/05/15 @ 01:05

This past week on In the Cut, (my segment on Bonnie in the Morning, on NPR Station 88.3 wppb), I spoke about Alice Rawsthorn. Alice is a writer. Her accomplishments include writing about design for the International New York Times and author of the book Hello World: Where Design Meets... read more »

In The Cut: Epic Failure posted on: 13/05/15 @ 08:05

This week on In the Cut, (my segment on Bonnie in the Morning, on NPR Station 88.3 wppb), I spoke about the Documentaries that have been produced by Showtime. I have found many of them to be extremely interesting and very well made. One in particular that I really enjoyed... read more »

In The Cut: Rabbits on the Air (David Lynch) posted on: 30/04/15 @ 06:04

This week on In the Cut, (my segment on Bonnie in the Morning, on NPR Station 88.3 wppb), I spoke about two obscure projects from David Lynch: Rabbits and On the Air. Both are considered by Lynch to be sitcoms. Rabbits is a very strange series of short avant-garde, horror-comedy... read more »

Happy New: 2015! posted on: 05/01/15 @ 01:01

2014 was a very good year for AJB! I am so extremely grateful for all the good of the past year. In 2015, AJB will continue to move forward and create art. I could not be more appreciative of the support for AJB and for the people involved. Thank you!... read more »

In The Cut: 911 Porsche Modified by Singer posted on: 26/11/14 @ 05:11

This week on In the Cut, (my segment on The Eclectic Cafe with Bonnie Grice on NPR Station 88.3 wppb), I spoke about the 911 Porsche re-imagined by Singer. The 911 Porsche has been my favorite car since I was about 5 years old. Through my lens, it is the... read more »

In The Cut: Jadorowsky's Dune posted on: 17/11/14 @ 07:11

This week on In the Cut, (my segment on The Eclectic Cafe with Bonnie Grice on NPR Station 88.3 wppb), I spoke about Alejandro Jadorowsky. A very eccentric filmmaker, he is the creator of the greatest movie never made. There is a new documentary entitled "Jadorowsky's Dune." This a person... read more »

In The Cut: Lil Buck posted on: 09/11/14 @ 06:11

This week on In the Cut, (my segment on The Eclectic Cafe with Bonnie Grice on NPR Station 88.3 wppb), I spoke about dancer Lil Buck. He is a hip hop dancer with a really unique style of movement. Known as "jookin," (a subgenre of the hip hop style of... read more »

In The Cut: Tim Burton posted on: 03/11/14 @ 02:11

This week on In the Cut, (my segment on The Eclectic Cafe with Bonnie Grice on NPR Station 88.3 wppb), I spoke about the incredibly talented Tim Burton. He has a New film, Big Eyes, that looks incredible. It is about an artist and the integrity of being the creator... read more »

AJB Feature Film: Dead End - 2015 posted on: 29/10/14 @ 05:10

I have begun work on my first feature film: Dead End. This is something that I have wanted to do for some time, but needed the right timing and the right people to fall into place. Those things have happened and I am beyond grateful that 3 truly awesome people... read more »

In The Cut: Jean-Luc Godard posted on: 28/10/14 @ 05:10

This week on In the Cut, (my segment on The Eclectic Cafe with Bonnie Grice on NPR Station 88.3 wppb), I spoke about Legendary FIlm Maker Jean-Luc Godard. He is a pioneer in the film world, starting with being one of the leaders of the French New Wave Film Movement.... read more »

Consistent. Design. Creative. Production. posted on: 13/10/14 @ 02:10

The things that created AJB, (music, movement, art, film), are the things that continue to push AJB forward. As I grow and evolve I like to push myself and see where my creative lens can go and how it applies to anything that I can think of creating. Some of... read more »

In The Cut: Pharrell Williams posted on: 04/10/14 @ 03:10

This week on In the Cut, (my segment on The Eclectic Cafe with Bonnie Grice on NPR Station 88.3 wppb), I brought Pharrell William's book: Places and Spaces I've been. Pharrell Williams is best known for his work as a music producer (The Neptunes), and as a musical artist (both... read more »

New Photos with Kristen Asher posted on: 02/10/14 @ 05:10

I have been doing shoots with photographer Kristen Asher since the start of AJB (10 Years!). We have shot everywhere from the East End of Long Island all the way through NYC. Many memorable shoots taking place at studios in the school of visual arts. It is always fun to... read more »

In The Cut: Fuji Instax posted on: 26/09/14 @ 02:09

This week on In the Cut, (my segment on The Eclectic Cafe with Bonnie Grice on NPR Station 88.3 wppb), I brought in something close to my heart. The Fuji Instax Instant Camera. In pop culture known as an new version of the polaroid camera. I love Fuji Film. I... read more »

AJB at Huntington Cinema Arts Centre: The Crapshoot Film Contest posted on: 23/09/14 @ 01:09

Had the rad experience of being a part of the Crapshoot Film Contest at the Huntington Cinema Arts Centre yesterday (9-22-14). The Suffolk County Film Commission contacted me to take part and submit a film that touches on the problems developing with the water quality on Long Island. I created... read more »

In The Cut: Alexander Wang posted on: 19/09/14 @ 11:09

This week on In The Cut, my weekly segment on The Eclectic Cafe with Bonnie Grice on NPR station 88.3 WPPB, we talked about fashion week. In particular Alexander Wang. The highlight of his new work was the "Barcode Design." Coincidentally, Bonnie Grice commissioned me to design and paint her... read more »

The Water Ways - Official Directors Cut posted on: 12/09/14 @ 02:09

The Suffolk County Film commission contacted me about creating a film for the crapshoot film contest to raise awareness for the fact that the water ways of the beautiful area that I consider home are being ruined by the on going nitrogen dumping problem. It sparked an idea that I... read more »

In The Cut: Jim Jarmusch posted on: 12/09/14 @ 02:09

Over the summer I had the enjoyable experience of doing a bi-weekly segment on "The Eclectic Cafe with Bonnie Grice" on NPR station 88.3WPPB. Because I am an alternative artist that functions in an alternative underground way, Bonnie Grice invited me to come on her show and share things that... read more »

AJB "Grunge Pop" Art Show posted on: 23/07/14 @ 03:07

10 Years!!! Our very first AJB Production was August 2004...And what a decade it's been! We hope you can come to our NEW show on August 16th! All New Music, Dancing and Art! Buy the new album ***HERE*** Get the Limited T-Shirt ***HERE*** Hot off the PRESS!!... read more »

Robert Bruey at AJB posted on: 13/05/14 @ 03:05

Singer Robert Bruey came by AJB to take part in a new project that I am doing where cool people that do cool things come by and talk about what it is that they do. This New Project is called: AJB Underground. A very raw filming of two artists talking.... read more »

Kiirstin Marilyn at AJB posted on: 05/03/14 @ 04:03

Singer Kiirstin Marilyn came by AJB to take part in a new project that I am doing where cool people that do cool things come by and talk about what it is that they do. This New Project is called: AJB Underground. Kiirstin is a Rad singer from NYC that... read more »

Photo Set: Rachel and G at AJB posted on: 27/02/14 @ 03:02

Rachel has been coming by for years and doing some fun shoots. It is always Rad. This was very late at night. We were able to get some cool images, and a cool aesthetic. -AJB ... read more »

Death By Art with Alt model Tara Ryze posted on: 27/02/14 @ 02:02

I had the luxury of doing a shoot with alt model Tara Ryze when I was in Florida. Tara has done quite a few shoots in AJB over the years, but I was really excited to meet up with her and do our own shoot. The result turned into the... read more »

Happy New Year!! 2014 posted on: 03/01/14 @ 12:01

Happy New Year!! Very grateful for the past year. It was a very productive, very good year. Had the pleasure of being around some really great people and creating some really fun things. To anyone seeing this; I wish you all the best for the New Year!! -AJB First Day... read more »

The Dance - A Short Film of Dance posted on: 24/10/13 @ 03:10

The purpose of the A&G Dance Company is to perform teach and encourage dance. It is important to us to push forward the message of movement. Not learning a dance. Not only learning proper technique of a form of dance, but simply put; for one to be able to move... read more »

Alt Model Tara Ryze shooting in AJB posted on: 19/08/13 @ 12:08

Alternative Model Tara Ryze, from Florida sent along some really Rad images from a shoot she did with photographer Samantha Guss. Tara did some photos in AJB a few years back that were super awesome, and these are really great too! It is always so awesome to see what people... read more »

Model Hope Middleton Shooting in AJB posted on: 07/08/13 @ 03:08

Model Hope Middleton from Alabama did a Rad AJB shoot with photographer Rick Taylor and sent these awesome images to me. Great photos! Great Model! Love these! -AJB ... read more »

Independent Matters Album Release Party!! posted on: 19/07/13 @ 02:07

On Saturday July 13, 2013 we had a release party for my new album: Independent Matters. It was a great time with great people. It is a really special thing to have support and to have people be a part of something that is original and maybe unique. I am... read more »

NPR Station 88.3 WPPB: Sessions at the Cafe with Bonnie Grice posted on: 17/07/13 @ 05:07

On Friday July 12, 2013 I stopped by NPR Station 88.3 WPPB to do a Sessions at the Cafe with Bonnie Grice. It was the perfect way to kick off my album release weekend! I spoke about the album and performed a lot of the songs from it. It was... read more »

Making Art posted on: 13/07/13 @ 01:07

I created a whole batch of New Wood pieces for the AJB Art Show. I really do enjoy making the big wood pieces. It's fun! The time in which things are made are important to me as well, so I was determined to do all of these at once. Here... read more »

Independent Matters is Here!!!! posted on: 10/07/13 @ 05:07

My 5th Album: Independent Matters is here! The physical copies are in my possession and we are ready for the Release. I am really excited about this and all the work that comes along with it. This project has a great deal of fun to make and the process has... read more »

Just Say No - NEW SONG!!! posted on: 16/06/13 @ 03:06

The Final release from my 5th studio project is "Just Say No." This song features David Asher once again on Guitar. The album is now complete. It has an ark that I am happy with and I am very excited to get everything ready to release in physical form. The... read more »

Change the World - NEW SONG!!! posted on: 10/06/13 @ 05:06

The next release from my 5th studio project, Independent Matters, is "Change the World." It's about time that I blatantly just came out and made a song with this title and chorus. This was a whole lot of fun to record with David Asher. His guitar work is super Rad... read more »

New Art posted on: 09/06/13 @ 10:06

Some new artwork that will be at the 3rd annual AJB Art Show. Aug 3rd 6pm at the HBTS Art Space in Bridgehampton. ... read more »

3rd Annual AJB Art Show posted on: 09/06/13 @ 10:06

* Gallery Doors Open at 6:00 pm and Live Performance is at 8 pm* This is the official blog of all of the preparation, information and behind the scenes footage for the 3rd Annual AJB Art Show on August 3rd, 2013 at 6pm in BridgeHampton, NY.

... read more »

Official Launch of the Media Mavens T-Shirts for 88.3 WPPB posted on: 24/05/13 @ 03:05

On May 24th NPR station 88.3 WPPB will be airing their Media Mavens show, which is part of the Eclectic Cafe with Bonnie Grice, live from the brand New location of the Hampton CoFFee Company. The Brand New Media Maven's T-Shirts will be launched!!!!! Like the Official 88.3 WPPB T... read more »

Passion - New Song!!! posted on: 15/05/13 @ 03:05

My Newest release from my 5th studio project: Independent Matters, is "Passion." Once again if features the incredible guitar work of David Asher. It has been a whole lot of fun working with him here at AJB. He is an incredible musician, and the work flow and vibe has just... read more »

Independent Matters - New Song!!!! posted on: 07/05/13 @ 02:05

The newest song from my upcoming album, Independent Matters, is also the the title track of the project. This song features David Asher on bass and guitar. It has a really awesome bass line and it was really cool recording here at AJB. The other amazing thing about this song... read more »

Friends Listen to 88.3 WPPB - (Short Film) posted on: 24/04/13 @ 02:04

We have developed quite a nice relationship with NPR station 88.3 WPPB. It is a nice fit because as an independent public radio station, they have the freedom to play independent artists like myself. They are the pulse of the east end as far as letting us all know about... read more »

Do What You Love II - New Song posted on: 18/04/13 @ 05:04

So a really Rad person, Bonnie Grice from NPR station 88.3 wppb, asked me quite a few times to expand on my song "Do What you Love," from my album Raise the Flag. Being that it was a complete thought, I had to think about it for a bit. I... read more »

Outcasts (A Love Song) - New Song!!! posted on: 10/04/13 @ 02:04

My 5th release from my upcoming 5th studio album is called "Outcasts (A Love Song)." This song is on the strange side, but it is a song where the title and the artwork and sound itself, all tie into to the song immensely! Compared to my first album, I don't... read more »

Grey - New Song!!! posted on: 04/03/13 @ 06:03

The 4th song released from my 5th studio project is "Grey!" I had the luxury of having the awesomely talented musician, David Asher, come by AJB and contribute to the song with his awesome Guitar and also adding a Djembe line!!! It was so much fun working with him! I... read more »

NPR Station 88.3 WPPB at AJB posted on: 27/02/13 @ 06:02

AJB was commissioned by NPR Station 88.3 WPPB to make their Official T-shirt. I was extremely excited to get this call because I honestly Love 88.3 WPPB! They are literally the one place on the radio dial where you will hear truly independent artists mixed right in with the major... read more »

The Official OFVS T-Shirt by AJB posted on: 27/02/13 @ 05:02

AJB is now making the official hand made Our Fabulous Variety Show T-Shirt. Anita Boyer, who dances in our company, is the co-creator of this Fabulous company with Kasia Klimiuk. Their mission is to put on a great show displaying peoples talents while raising money for good companies or good... read more »

Anita Boyer @ AJB posted on: 12/02/13 @ 03:02

One of the New members of our company is Anita Boyer. She has been dancing with us since our October Zombie Tour. Anita is also a co-founder, with Kasia Klimiuk of Our Fabulous Variety Show. OFVS is a performance troupe that put on a tremendous variety show and raises money... read more »

AJB Winter Art Show posted on: 01/02/13 @ 05:02

This is the official blog for the AJB Winter Art Show to be held at the HBTS Art Space 213 Butter Lane Bridgehampton Unit J 2/23/13 Gallery opens at 7pm Live performance at 8pm!!! R.S.V.P. to the ART SHOW***HERE*** Below you will find rehearsal pics and bios from all... read more »

Change - New Song!!! posted on: 24/01/13 @ 04:01

The intro track for my New Project is "Change." It features Gail and Anita Boyer on vocals. It came together very nicely and it is a pleasure to work with talented people. Change is a good thing. It is a constant thing. When moving toward a goal, there will often... read more »

Fight For It - NEW Song!!! posted on: 22/01/13 @ 03:01

Here is the 2nd release from my 5th studio project. It is called "Fight For It." It is available to download for Free right now!! It features Craig Kempf on guitar. I think it is important to fight for what you believe in. This New Project is going to experiment... read more »

Can't Put Me in a Box - New Song!!! posted on: 12/01/13 @ 05:01

The first release from my 5th studio project is called "Can't Put Me in a Box." It is the first recording from the New AJB Space. The song features Craig Kempf on guitar and backing vocals from Gail Benevente. It's just a song commenting on the feeling of not being... read more »

Happy NEW YEAR!! - Do What You Love!!! posted on: 01/01/13 @ 07:01

Happy NEW YEAR!!!! AJB is officially set up in the new space in the Hamptons. We are super excited to move forward and create new art. There will be New music and New art and New projects. Here is the Official Music Video for "Do What You Love," the intro... read more »

Greg McMahon Final Shoot at AJB... posted on: 01/01/13 @ 07:01

AJB has moved out to the Hamptons. Although it was sad to leave the location where so much art was created, it was the right move to make to start 2013. Photographer Greg McMahon came by to get one final shoot and capture a lot of the memories and artwork... read more »

Our Fabulous Variety Show at Guild Hall posted on: 01/01/13 @ 06:01

We had the opportunity to participate in the Our Fabulous Variety Show at Guild Hall. It was a really great time, produced by Anita Boyer (who dances with us), Kasia Klimiuk, and Michael Contino. They did a wonderful job putting together a show filled with a lot of talented people.... read more »

88.3 WPPB/NPR Concert at Guild Hall posted on: 03/12/12 @ 03:12

We took part in the 88.3 wppb/npr benefit concert, put together by Crossroads Music. It was such a great time and we were very honored to be asked to open the show! We gave the crowd a bit of a surprise and started at the back of the theater, working... read more »

Some New Artwork... posted on: 19/11/12 @ 04:11

I have been busy as of late. Making a lot of Art, a lot of music and a lot of T-Shirts! It is a lot of fun to push forward and define. To push forward with a purpose and to just make sure that I am creating. The goal will... read more »

Megan @ AJB posted on: 18/11/12 @ 04:11

Megan cam by AJB and did a really Rad shoot showcasing the new exclusive V-Neck and Deep V-Neck AJB T's. Megan is always super awesome to work with. She is featured on some of my canvas pieces and we were able to get a really great shot incorporating AJB Soup... read more »

Alicia @ AJB posted on: 17/11/12 @ 11:11

Alicia came by for a shoot one night. She was great to work with. The most important thing for me with any AJB shoot is that the subject be themselves and be comfortable. To me it is the only way in which the pictures do what they are intended to... read more »

Rachel @ AJB posted on: 14/11/12 @ 03:11

Rachel came by for another shoot. Rachel is Rad! I love consistency and I love having people come over to AJB often. Rachel has done a lot of Great shoots here! This one was to help launch the New Exclusive V-necks! This fall we launched a lot of new AJB... read more »

Drag Queen Kay Muny @ AJB posted on: 13/11/12 @ 04:11

Kay Muny came by AJB to do a shoot. It was a really fun time and Kay shared with us the process of transforming. It's such a cool thing to have people come to AJB and share with us the ways in which they are creative and expressive. I also... read more »

The AJB Ruckus Zombie Tour!!! posted on: 12/11/12 @ 02:11

The AJB Ruckus Zombie Tour was an awesome time! The month of October in the Hampton's was taken over by ZOMBIES!!!! We did a tour of the east end, popping up and performing my song "Ruckus," surprising, exciting and scaring people. It was something that I am very grateful to... read more »

Raise The Flag Album Released!!! posted on: 30/09/12 @ 04:09

My Newest project, Raise the Flag, has been released in solid form!! This is my 4th Album and I am very excited about it. I also Released the 2nd pressing of The Underground Method. I remastered it, and when you listen to both The Underground Method and Raise the Flag... read more »

New Art... posted on: 05/09/12 @ 06:09

My Album: Raise the Flag goes to print and will be released this month. I am very excited about this!!! The summer has ended and I finished it off with a lot of new Art. Mostly visual, but I have been back in the studio as well and I am... read more »

G - New Shoot at AJB posted on: 21/08/12 @ 12:08

Did a shoot last night with G. I wanted to a shoot to showcase the AJB Mini Painting Jewelry, and this did just that. I really like the way these images came out. G is Awesome! Very Pop Art. Very AJB. I like clarity and definition in art and I... read more »

The 2nd Annual AJB Art Show Pictures!!!! posted on: 19/08/12 @ 02:08

The show was a fantastic success. The space was filled to capacity, and everyone there had such nice things to say. We moved some Art and displayed AJB in a a great light. Just the way I wanted it to be presented. It is a really great feeling to execute... read more »

Coincidence Machine CD Release Party!!! posted on: 31/07/12 @ 03:07

The Coincidence Machine album: Upside Out is complete and we celebrated with an intimate CD Release party that was a lot of fun! Matt and Jimi performed all the songs from the new album and everyone there was rocking out listening to some cool original music! This was just the... read more »

Wearable Art Pieces!!! posted on: 31/07/12 @ 01:07

The first 3 Art pieces that I worked on with artisan jewelry maker, Jael Baker, have been completed and will be on display at the AJB Art Show. I posted the mini oil paintings in the previous blog, and now you can see the final pieces! I am super excited... read more »

New Art!!! posted on: 14/07/12 @ 05:07

The AJB Art Show is coming up. There will be a lot of artwork on display. I am excited for how the gallery is going to look and how it is going to be presented. Here are some images of the wood installations that I made last night and the... read more »

Royalty - NEW Song!!!! posted on: 29/06/12 @ 04:06

My New Song Royalty has been Released online and on ITunes!! Jimi Durso once again supplied some awesome guitars to complete the track. This also completes my New Album: Raise the Flag. I am really excited about it being done and cannot wait to perform it in its entirety! Hope... read more »

If You Go - New Song!!! posted on: 08/06/12 @ 02:06

My Newest song released this week on ITunes is "If you Go." My New Album, Raise the Flag, has the intention of going a little deeper and defining the purpose, ideas and feelings of me and what AJB is all about. I think and hope that this song gets that... read more »

AJB Jewelry!!! posted on: 25/05/12 @ 05:05

Very Excited about This next step in the Evolution of AJB.: AJB Hand Made Jewelry by Artist Jael Baker!!!! These are the first images of the first batch of samples. Necklace pendant and earrings to start. We are going to expand onto the other AJB Designs, but we decided to... read more »

Your Love Makes Me - Official Music Video!! posted on: 09/05/12 @ 03:05

This is the 3rd music video for my upcoming album, Raise the Flag. Shooting Your Love Makes Me was a tremendous amount of fun. Just G and me. Some old school style camera tricks and shots, and a beating Heart.... There is a theme and a thread that always connects... read more »

Dance Song - New Song!!! posted on: 02/05/12 @ 03:05

This is the newest release from my upcoming album Raise the Flag. It's titled Dance Song. For me it has a thread in it that ties together with my first album and the start of things to where AJB is now. Once again, this song features the awesomely talented Jimi... read more »

AJB - Rachel Shoot - April posted on: 20/04/12 @ 03:04

AJB Model Rachel came by for a new photo shoot to rock out some of the new AJB Neon and AJB fedoras. Rachel is awesome, and if you didn't yet, please go check out the blog about her doing the vocal work on "Do What you Love." We played around... read more »

The 2nd Annual AJB Art Show Blog!!! posted on: 13/04/12 @ 04:04

This is the official blog of all of the preparation, information and behind the scenes footage for the 2nd Annual AJB Art Show on August 4th &5th, 2012 in BridgeHampton, NY.

AJB-Adam Baranello Artist/Musician/Choreographer Adam Baranello is AJB. Through his art (music, movement, fashion & art) he has created an... read more »

Make Me Strong - New Song!! posted on: 11/04/12 @ 03:04

This is the newest song from my upcoming album Raise the Flag. It's called "Make Me Strong." This song features the awesome guitar playing of Jimi Durso. Jimi has two projects that are being released under AJB (Coincidence Machine and PiltDown Man). It was a great opportunity to have him... read more »

Girl Power - G posted on: 10/04/12 @ 03:04

We like to have fun and we like to be creative at AJB. Gail has been doing some backing vocals on my songs for the last two projects and we have written and recorded some fun songs that we put up on youtube (Marshmallow Monster, Terror Planet and T-Roo). I... read more »

Do what you Love posted on: 10/04/12 @ 02:04

This is the intro track for my New Album. I had the opportunity to have AJB model Rachel come by and lend her awesome voice-over skills to the track and make it exactly what I was hoping it would be as a piece of music to open up the project.... read more »

In School Residency - Performance posted on: 21/03/12 @ 05:03

One of the things that our Dance Company does is set up residencies in schools. We have had some residencies on a weekly basis in some schools for years. Occasionally we get to go into a school for a concentrated period of time and work with some really cool kids... read more »

Raise the Flag - Official Music Video posted on: 06/03/12 @ 06:03

Shooting the Raise the Flag video was a really cool time. The schedule has been so hectic that it was hard to find the time to shoot it. The concept of the video changed a few times based on the timing of things, but in the end turned out to... read more »

AJB Miami - Models Andy and Daniella posted on: 06/03/12 @ 05:03

Had a great time while down in Miami shooting Andy and Daniella. Andy is a fitness professional and good friend. Daniella is a professional model. We were very limited in time, but got a lot of great shots. AJB and Miami mix very well together. I wanted to mix a... read more »

AJB Miami posted on: 29/02/12 @ 04:02

Had the pleasure of going to Miami this February. It was a great trip. I had the pleasure of meeting long time AJB supporter and indie blogger Gus Calvo. I also was able to take part in the Wynwood Art walk, and take in all of the great things that... read more »

New Song - Your Love Makes Me posted on: 11/01/12 @ 04:01

The newest song from my new project following the Underground Method is called "Your Love Makes Me." I am really excited about this song. Hope it sounds as fun as it was to make. Craig Kempf adds his masterful guitar shredding and Gail Benevente lends some backing vocals as well.... read more »

AJB 2012 !! posted on: 05/01/12 @ 05:01

Jan 1, 2012 kicked off with AJB Model Rachel coming over and doing a shoot to help launch the Fresh New AJB Designs. Rachel is always a total blast to shoot with. Her and G did a great job rocking the new gear. It's all about continuing the growth of... read more »

Happy New Year!!! posted on: 31/12/11 @ 07:12

Truly want to wish everyone that pays attention to AJB a very Happy New Year!! This year was a great year for AJB. So many great things happened this past year and so many great people were involved in helping AJB grow. I am grateful beyond words to those people... read more »

Crazy. Busy. Week. posted on: 15/12/11 @ 04:12

This past week has been awesomely busy. The nutcracker (previous blog about that), releasing/shipping my New CD and also managed to ship out a ton of orders of AJB Clothing. In between that, I created a New T design. The AJB T-Rex. I had been toying around with the idea... read more »

The Nutcracker with Hampton Ballet Theater School posted on: 15/12/11 @ 06:12

I had the luxury of being a performer in the Hampton Ballet Theater School's production of the Nutcracker. The A&G Dance Company has a residency at the school and after discussing it with HBTS owner Sara Jo Strickland, both Gail and I were excited to be guest dancers in the... read more »

Raise the Flag posted on: 05/12/11 @ 04:12

This is the next song off of my newest project. I write songs that are close to my heart and show how I feel and how I see the world. This song is particularly close to my heart because it is a very hard thing to deal with getting picked... read more »

Ruckus - Official Music Video posted on: 16/11/11 @ 03:11

Here is the Official Music Video for "Ruckus." It was an awesome shoot with a lot of awesome people! This is the first song off of my next project. The goal was simply to make a Rad video with people creating cool things, and expressing themselves in cool ways. -AJB... read more »

Hanging with the Kempf Bros... posted on: 09/11/11 @ 04:11

Hung out with Craig and Todd Kempf the other day. Got some really cool video and photos at a really cool location. They are both awesome photographers and it is always fun to capture images with them. These are two of the cool shots that they took (one by each... read more »

AJB - Artwork posted on: 03/11/11 @ 03:11

This is a blog with my art work. Canvas work: oil on canvas and mixed media on canvas, as well as some mixed media on wood pieces that I have created. Some of the art is for sale. Some of the art has been sold. The art that I am... read more »

Model Mortesin @ AJB posted on: 26/10/11 @ 04:10

Model Mortesin stopped by AJB this past weekend and we got some rad images. She was very fun to shoot, along with the wonderful G, as always. Photographer Todd Kempf stopped by as well and got some of his own awesome images. A few of those are on my facebook... read more »

Another New Shoot with Model Rachel posted on: 18/10/11 @ 05:10

As stated in the last blog, when people are cool, the door to AJB is always open. The more people want to be here and be a part of the fun things that go on here the better. Model Rachel Longobardi is becoming a regular at AJB. As always it... read more »

Model Megan McGill @ AJB posted on: 10/10/11 @ 05:10

Model Megan McGill came by AJB and did an awesome shoot. She is wonderful to photograph and a lot of fun to hang around. It was her second time hanging out @ AJB. We like to have cool people come back again and again to hang out and have fun!!... read more »

Ruckus!!! posted on: 03/10/11 @ 05:10

My Newest song is Ruckus. It is the first song from my new project that follows "The Underground Method." It is available on ITunes. Video will be launched soon, and some live performances of it this month. Very exciting things going on at AJB!! Grateful for all the support and... read more »

My Bike and Me ... posted on: 28/09/11 @ 03:09

Anyone that knows my affinity for the movie Rad knows how into BMX I am, and some may know that I was really into it when I was young. I now have a nice new bike and Craig Kempf came out and snapped some cool pics. Of course there will... read more »

The Underground Method - Cassette Form!! posted on: 22/09/11 @ 04:09

The Underground Method has gone to print in limited edition Cassette Form!!! I am super excited to be putting out this album in the form of cassette. I grew up with tapes and to see my album as a cassette is a really cool feeling. It is also a nice... read more »

The AJB Campaign... posted on: 22/09/11 @ 04:09

We have begun the new AJB campaign. We have a team of people helping to build AJB up and spread the word about an independent company and independent art. AJB Swag is heading out all over the world. New limited edition scarves have been made and some cool new designs.... read more »

New ArtWork ... posted on: 22/09/11 @ 03:09

Created some new canvas and other art pieces. The pieces connect to the themes that have been filtering through my music and just connect you a little bit more to my brain. I really am enjoying making these and I am grateful to have had some people buy some of... read more »

The Underground Method - Music Videos posted on: 27/08/11 @ 01:08

The CD and Limited Edition cassette of The Underground Method is going to be released very very soon!! I am very excited about it, and the way it has been put together. The visual aspect of the album has coincided with the release of each song on ITunes and now... read more »

The AJB Underground Method - Art Show - Pics and Video posted on: 14/08/11 @ 01:08

The AJB Underground Method was a great day! It was a really awesome experience to present a full idea and concept and have it come out exactly the way it was envisioned. Some art was sold and so many people that attended had such nice things to say. It truly... read more »

New Images from Greg McMahon posted on: 05/08/11 @ 11:08

These are some medium format film prints from a shoot that I did with Greg McMahon this past week. A couple of these will probably be on display at the AJB art show on Sunday!!! \m/ -ajb ... read more »

Almost Time for the Art Show!! (Another Rachel Shoot too!) posted on: 04/08/11 @ 03:08

I am really excited about the Show on August 7th. It is coming together nicely and the people involved are so awesome! There is going to be a great energy at the show and just a really enjoyable time. It is an event that if you know about it and... read more »

Melodee... posted on: 21/07/11 @ 03:07

I had the opportunity to work with Melodee on a project. I produced and co-wrote her song "The Key." She sent me the lyrics, vocal line and chord progression and I was really excited to contribute in making it a really cool piece of art. She was in NY last... read more »

The AJB Underground Method - Art Show - Art Work posted on: 13/07/11 @ 04:07

These are the canvas paintings that I will be displaying at Underground Method Art show on August 7 in Bridgehampton. I will have other pieces of the art displayed as well, but these are the paintings. I am getting excited about the show. Everyone involved is awesome and the space... read more »

Model Kira @ AJB posted on: 12/07/11 @ 04:07

Kira stopped by AJB and did a shoot. It was awesome! Kira Rocks! A shoot is always fun when the people involved are awesome. Good Energy people make the world a good place. Craig Kempf got some images too. Gail Benevente was part of the fun as well. There are... read more »

AJ Rocking AJB... posted on: 05/07/11 @ 03:07

This pic was sent to me of AJ Mclean from the Backstreet Boys rocking an AJB Scarf!! I think that is pretty Rad! Thanks Lisa! \m/ -ajb ... read more »

Revolution - Official Music Video posted on: 28/06/11 @ 07:06

The Video for Revolution is here. This is the 6th video for the "Underground Method" Project and a great bookend to the first part of the New AJB concept. It is really awesome because it completes the visual/video aspect of what will be presented at the "Underground Method" Art Show... read more »

AJB Interview with Greg McMahon: Part I - III posted on: 27/06/11 @ 04:06

This is part 1 - 4 of an Interview/Documentary by Image Maker Greg McMahon. We sat down and discussed a lot of the cool details of what AJB is and what AJB does. We also discussed how it has happened and been built. -ajb ... read more »

The AJB Underground Method - Art Show posted on: 22/06/11 @ 02:06

August 7,2011 Bridgehampton NY The AJB Underground Method - Art Show I am very excited about this. A fully fleshed out art show to display what AJB is all about and the awesome people involved with it. The Buzz is starting to build. We are starting to get interest from... read more »

Model Rachel @ AJB posted on: 21/06/11 @ 10:06

Model Rachel Longobardi stopped by AJB for a photoshoot. We got some really cool gritty images and it was a lot of fun. Rachel is an original AJB Girl, and it had been almost 4 years since she came by and shot here. It is always a great time when... read more »

Gearing up... posted on: 09/06/11 @ 03:06

This summer is going to be really really fun. Started Dance workshops in Bridgehampton at the Hampton Ballet Theatre School. It is an awesome space, run by an awesome person. The workshops are really cool and I am really excited to develop and push what the A&G Dance Company does... read more »

CooL Shots from Craig Kempf... posted on: 06/06/11 @ 03:06

Just some cool shots from hanging out with Craig Kempf the other night. -ajb Visit CraigKempfPhotography ... read more »

Revolution... posted on: 31/05/11 @ 05:05

My new song is called "Revolution." It is now available on ITunes. Here is the artwork for the single as well as the soundcloud and a preview video with a cool bear. Graphic design by Craig Kempf photography. I sent the song out to few people via facebook and email... read more »

Greg McMahon... posted on: 26/05/11 @ 02:05

The new project has been put forward with a very heavy visual aspect. The visual and video aspect would not be what it is without the help of Greg McMahon. Whether it is video or still photography, Greg is great at capturing and making tremendous images happen. He helps bring... read more »

Model Laura Proudfoot posted on: 24/05/11 @ 05:05

This awesome pic was sent to me from model Laura Proudfoot from California. It is Rad!! Cool people around the world Rock AJB! \m/ -ajb Laura on FB ... read more »

Break These Lies - Official Music Video posted on: 23/05/11 @ 02:05

Break These Lies has officially been released in music video form. I am very very excited about this video. I was really set on creating a really cool visual to capture the song, and to capture the feel of what we do here. Everyone involved is just so awesome and... read more »

Coming Up... posted on: 12/05/11 @ 02:05

Going to be shooting the video for my new song "Break These Lies" this Sunday. Have some Great people confirmed to be a part of it. Awesome people make things awesome! It is going to be a really cool video.. This is a spray paint image I did (it is... read more »

Break These Lies posted on: 10/05/11 @ 04:05

This is the 5th song from my new project. It is available on ITunes!! (The arrow on the soundcloud player takes you right to ITunes). Shooting the video for this song this upcoming weekend with Greg McMahon and some other cool people. The guitars on the track were supplied by... read more »

Red... posted on: 09/05/11 @ 03:05

An impromptu photo shoot happened because I love this color Red! My song "Break These Lies" will be available on ITunes this week. Shooting the music video for the song this weekend. Craig Kempf did the graphic design for the single cover. Greg McMahon will be helping create the visual... read more »

AJB Girls posted on: 06/05/11 @ 03:05

These are some pictures from a shoot with Lauren, Amanda and Taylor. They are the 3 Rad girls that are in the music video for "The Dancer." Craig Kempf was there too taking some awesome pics! (the last 3 of this blog) \m/ -AJB ... read more »

AJB Clothing Videos posted on: 03/05/11 @ 03:05

These are some of the newer AJB Clothing Videos. These are always fun to do and the people involved are always Rad! The AJB Videos are just a glimpse into what we are doing here at AJB. There are 45 AJB Clothing Vids so far, and more to come! \m/... read more »

Model Tara Ryze posted on: 28/04/11 @ 04:04

Just got these awesome pics sent in from model Tara Ryze. This shoot was done in Florida. I absolutely Love Them!! She is Rad! -AJB ... read more »

Craig Kempf \m/ posted on: 27/04/11 @ 05:04

If you have been following what has been going on at AJB with all the new stuff being created, then it is apparent that Craig Kempf has become an integral part of AJB. He has taken hundreds of pictures for our video shoots, rehearsals, AJB Clothing photo shoots, and live... read more »

Break These Lies - Teaser posted on: 26/04/11 @ 04:04

Here is a clip from my New Single. It will be available very soon on ITunes and there will of course be a music video as well. \m/ -AJB ... read more »

Tattoo.. posted on: 25/04/11 @ 11:04

A Rad person in Oklahoma got a tattoo of the AJB Logo!!! Pretty Rad! \m/ -AJB ... read more »

Good Stuff... posted on: 24/04/11 @ 02:04

A Cool Couple of days checking out art in NYC. Checked out Greg McMahon's photo's hanging at Klimat. Walked around and took some cool shots in the city and back at AJB. Made some cool eggs for easter too!! Here are some cool shots from Greg, my 4 AJB eggs... read more »

Some Art.... posted on: 21/04/11 @ 03:04

Just some things I have created lately, when I had a free minute, or while traveling. -AJB ... read more »

Model Britnee Leigh - Photographer Chris Visual posted on: 19/04/11 @ 03:04

Model Britnee Leigh sent over some really really cool images rocking AJB. The shoot was done by photographer Chris Visual. The shoot took place in Florida, and they created a really cool, really colorful representation of AJB and also of what they do as model and photographer. I Love These... read more »

Artist Michael Brown... posted on: 17/04/11 @ 06:04

The extremely talented artist Michael Brown, from Kansas City Missouri, created this drawing based off of an original photograph from photographer Kristen Bokinz. He entitled it: Be the Change...Don't wait for Change. Michael has been following what I do since the good old myspace days, and he had asked if... read more »

Haunted Hacienda - Juanita posted on: 15/04/11 @ 04:04

I had the opportunity to Direct and create the first music video for punk band Haunted Hacienda. They are a true to the roots of punk band and I really dig that. I sat down with lead singer and bass player, Brendon Henry, and he let me know the concept... read more »

Robert Goldberg Photography posted on: 13/04/11 @ 08:04

Robert Goldberg stopped by and did a Rad shoot @AJB. Rob has a really cool style and really good eye. It was a lot of fun shooting with him. Rob is another person that I go back with. I have known him for many many years, as he used to... read more »

JS PhotographyArt posted on: 13/04/11 @ 02:04

I had a chance to do a shoot with JS. He is someone that I have known for a long time, but not in the realm of the art world. Once we realized that we both have something to offer one another, it was a no brainer to get together... read more »

Who Likes Clowns? posted on: 12/04/11 @ 03:04

The past 2 weeks have been really really awesome! A lot of really cool people have been stopping by AJB and doing some fun stuff....including a Clown! The clown is a really cool dude named Brian that I met on the set of the video that I did for the... read more »

Anthem - Official Music Video posted on: 12/04/11 @ 03:04

Anthem has been released in music video form. Very exciting to see the responses from the people who are digging it. It is always a really great thing to put out work into the world and share it with people. I am extremely grateful for all of the people involved.... read more »

Tell Me - Official Music Video posted on: 12/04/11 @ 03:04

This is the Official Video for my 4th song from my new project: "Tell Me" This was the 2nd day of a Great group of people coming together and having a good time creating the visual compliment to one of my songs. This is a straight take Video. I have... read more »

Art is Alive... posted on: 26/03/11 @ 12:03

Art is Alive! ... read more »

The Dancer - Official Music Video posted on: 22/02/11 @ 05:02

The Dancer has been released in music video form. Very exciting to see the responses from the people who are digging it. It is always a really great thing to put out work into the world and share it with people. I am extremely grateful for all of the people... read more »

Anthem is Launched posted on: 31/01/11 @ 03:01

My 3rd single from my new project is Officially Launched! I did not want to sit on this one. Really wanted to get it out, so it comes only one week after the release of "the Dancer." I am so grateful for all of the support that I have been... read more »

The Dancer is Launched posted on: 25/01/11 @ 04:01

My newest single is now available on ITunes. I am really happy about it and excited. Good Things!! To everyone that supports AJB and is a part of AJB: You Rock!! Thank you! -AJB Produced/Written by Adam Baranello Guitars by Craig Kempf Recorded @ AJB Studios (Click on the Album... read more »

New Song Teaser - The Dancer posted on: 05/01/11 @ 03:01

Here is a teaser video for my new song "The Dancer." The song and video will be launched very soon. I am excited to work on this and this new project. Awesome people involved makes it even more fun!! ... read more »

2011 posted on: 02/01/11 @ 03:01

Happy New Year!!! Just a huge thank you to everyone that supports AJB. There will be a lot of work this year, and I am excited to move forward. Extremely grateful for the fact that there are people that pay attention and support what we do. Wishing Everyone a Great... read more »

Padded Room - Video posted on: 15/12/10 @ 05:12

I have completed the video for the first song from my new project. I am very excited about it. It is an awesome thing to have people involved in what I do and help me grow. I am extremely grateful to everyone that is a part of AJB. It is... read more »

New @AJB posted on: 30/11/10 @ 03:11

Moving along, getting a lot of work done. The first song that I am releasing from my new project is called "padded room." It will be released with the music video before the end of the year. I also finished recording "the machine," which is a song that I wrote... read more »

AJB - Moving Forward posted on: 17/11/10 @ 03:11

A lot of change and a lot of new and exciting things are going on with AJB... I have officially begun my new album and new project. In the developing stages of something that has the intention of being big and very special. I am excited and will unveil pieces... read more »

AJB CloThing - The Videos (2) posted on: 19/04/10 @ 02:04

Here are the next 5 installments of the AJB Clothing Videos. These are so much fun to make and the people involved are just awesome!! It is just a nice stamp on what AJB is about. If you like these and want to support AJB, or just want a cool... read more »

AJB CloThing - The Videos posted on: 07/04/10 @ 04:04

This is my AJB Clothing Project. These videos will continue from now on. Here are the first 10 with an added bonus video. These were extremely fun to make and the people involved are a lot of fun to be around. It is just a nice stamp on what AJB... read more »

Be Your Own Hero posted on: 17/03/10 @ 03:03

When you are young you have heroes that you look up to. People that inspire and do things that seem out of this world; that make you stand up and say "I want to be like that." As you get older you realize that they are just normal people like... read more »

Art is Revolution.. posted on: 01/03/10 @ 09:03

I truly believe that art is the way to make a statement. To express yourself. I love art that has something to say. That is honest. Artists that make you feel their purpose and feel their purpose. I know that is what I strive for. I just believe in being... read more »

The Life of AJB... posted on: 26/02/10 @ 05:02

Working, working, working. The lives we lead should be gratifying and full of purpose. Letting go of the fear of life and actually living. Doing what you love. Making people happy. Making yourself happy. Standing up for what is right. I am grateful for the work that I have and... read more »

So Many New Things!!! posted on: 11/02/10 @ 06:02

I am extremely grateful and happy with all the new things that are happening for AJB. I will be performing in NYC on Friday as part of a Unicef event to Benefit Haiti. It is at the Grand Hyatt in Times Square. I am honored to be a part of... read more »

In Times of Need posted on: 24/01/10 @ 02:01

I have received a few comments stating that basically we should not be worrying so much about Haiti when we have so much going on that needs help here. The thing that (some)people seem to be missing is that we can easily do both, and in doing so the entire... read more »

AJB in 2010.. posted on: 18/01/10 @ 06:01

So far the new year has been super Rad! So much is going on and great things are ahead. The year started with a bang with a bunch of meetings and behind the scenes things, which are going to turn out the way they are supposed to. As an artist,... read more »

2010 posted on: 03/01/10 @ 06:01

Happy New Year!! A New Year and a New Decade. AJB is now in its second decade of existence, and it still remains fiercely independent and driven to grow and be successful. Rang in my new year with the premiere of my brand new music video for "Muse" (check it... read more »

Happy Holidays!!!! posted on: 19/12/09 @ 01:12

Just want to wish you all a very happy holiday!! So much has happened this year and AJB has grown in so many ways. I cannot wait to share all the new things with you. Before the new year is over, I will have 2 New Music Videos!! A New... read more »

A Skull Means Love posted on: 09/12/09 @ 05:12

So many Great things have happened this year. AJB has grown in so many ways; so many projects that came to fruition and continue to happen. My new album has been making its way to a lot of peoples' hands around the world. It also has created some controversy. It... read more »

Happy ThanksGiving!!! posted on: 27/11/09 @ 02:11

I am thankful for everyone that continues to support what I do. I am so excited with growing and moving forward. =) ... read more »

Awesome Things - Contests/GiveAways posted on: 15/11/09 @ 04:11

Did an assembly performance yesterday at a School. Such a Great time. Always awesome to perform for people that appreciate what you do. Here is a vid of some of fun So I am going to be doing Contests on my site now!!! Free CD giveaways and AJB Clothing... read more »

On the Up posted on: 04/11/09 @ 02:11

The Halloween Show was awesome!! Now gearing up for the rest of the year. Adding a few more designs to AJB Clothing. Working some new things as well. The next music video. Spent time with my brother Matt and recorded some things. It was a lot fun. Just constantly pushing... read more »

Halloween Mode!! posted on: 28/10/09 @ 04:10

Kicking into Halloween Mode. Doing a small show tomorrow at an after school program where my dance company has residency, then teaching some people the Thriller Choreography. Friday is a Bigger Show and workshop to really get into the Thriller thing. I normally don't like to teach other peoples work.... read more »

What to Expect posted on: 23/10/09 @ 02:10

So I will be posting blogs on this site very often. I just feel like writing a little right now about where AJB is and where it is going. The social networking dynamic has changed quite a bit since we launched. Myspace is still the best place for an artist... read more »

It's ALL NEW FOR AJB posted on: 20/10/09 @ 04:10

So many exciting things are happening with AJB. First off my New Album is out and has been making it's way around the world. It really is so cool to send out albums to people that enjoy and support what I do. It is also available in the U.S. on... read more »

New Site!!! posted on: 30/09/09 @ 01:09

So this is the new iteration of I am so happy with it and all of it's capabilities. It is a site that we have spent a long time creating and designer Mike Ledoux has put in so much time and effort to make this thing a powerhouse of... read more »

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