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Padded Room - Video posted at: 15/12/10 @ 05:12 | « back to main

I have completed the video for the first song from my new project. I am very excited about it. It is an awesome thing to have people involved in what I do and help me grow. I am extremely grateful to everyone that is a part of AJB. It is not an easy road being an independent artist, but it is a very fulfilling one when you are surrounded by great people. I really hope that people that like what I do like this new song and video.

Everything about the video was done to connect to the idea of the song: from the way it was shot to type of camera's used to the choreography and the editing. To me there has to be a cognitive connection and an aesthetic that fits....
Rorschach, Crazy, Sane, Real or in my Head, Monotony....
What is the Definition of a Crazy Person?


Padded Room

The First Song from The New Project. Written and Produced by Adam Baranello @ AJB Studios.
Song available on ITunes.
A Video by Adam Baranello
Cinematography (Director of Photography) - Greg McMahon
Additional Cinematography - Kristen Bokinz
Choreography - A&G Dance Company
Dancers - Gail Benevente, Danielle Cofane, Priscilla Cerdas
Photography - Craig Kempf Photography
Kristen Bokinz Photography
Greg McMahon Photography
Special Thanks - Aneudys Pineyro
Guitars - Craig Kempf
AJB Productions


I had the privilege of choreographing the female dance work and it was a lot of fun bc I was able to use monotonous "simple" movement to showcase how that sort of thing, with the right mind, can seemingly drive you someone crazy. Loved being a part of this AJB project! Posted by: GDancer

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