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The Dancer - Official Music Video posted at: 22/02/11 @ 05:02 | « back to main

The Dancer has been released in music video form. Very exciting to see the responses from the people who are digging it. It is always a really great thing to put out work into the world and share it with people. I am extremely grateful for all of the people involved. Having a group of people that believe in what I do and support what I do is a tremendous energy. AJB Continues moving forward creating some cool stuff.

Written and Produced by Adam Baranello,
Guitars by Craig Kempf @ AJB Studios.
Song available on ITunes.
A Video by Adam Baranello.
Cinematography (Director of Photography) : Greg McMahon.
Choreography by the A&G Dance Company
Dancers: Gail Benevente, Danielle Cofane, Lauren Klatman, Taylor Sarich, Amanda Ioveno.


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