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Craig Kempf \m/ posted at: 27/04/11 @ 05:04 | « back to main

If you have been following what has been going on at AJB with all the new stuff being created, then it is apparent that Craig Kempf has become an integral part of AJB. He has taken hundreds of pictures for our video shoots, rehearsals, AJB Clothing photo shoots, and live shows. He has a very cool, unique style in which he captures moments of what we are doing here and makes them look like a staged photograph or piece of art. I like that. (Life Imitating Art?) .
His Radness does not stop there. He is also responsible for all of the guitars that are on the new songs. He is a very knowledgeable, very professional musician and I am grateful for his presence on the new tunes.
No coincidence, I met Craig over 6 years ago, while I was creating what would be the AJB Logo. I had the skull and also an alien drawing that I was working on and that got us to talking. It would be years before we started working together, but as the logo was created, so was the start of a friendship.
Craig took part in my Artist on Artist @AJB Project and below are those images and video from that shoot, as well as some of Craig's Rad shots. I also included a pretty life like drawing that I made of him.
Please visit his site and check out all of his work.
Visit CraigKempfPhotography


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