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Greg McMahon... posted at: 26/05/11 @ 02:05 | « back to main

The new project has been put forward with a very heavy visual aspect. The visual and video aspect would not be what it is without the help of Greg McMahon. Whether it is video or still photography, Greg is great at capturing and making tremendous images happen. He helps bring my visual ideas and concepts to life, doing a fantastic job creating the right lighting and staging for what we are doing.
Greg is a naturalist and a camera junkie. He is great with medium format film and polaroid cameras. Most of his work is done in the camera with little to no post production or photoshop. It is a pretty awesome thing!
Greg is an awesome dude that I met in NYC at a party a few years ago. After doing a couple photo shoots with AJB in 2009 and 2010, Greg became more a permanent fixture in what we are doing here. He is awesome to work with and a great dude.
Greg took part in my Artist on Artist project @AJB. Below is an image from that shoot and a video. Followed by some of Greg's awesome images and a picture that I drew of him as well.
His website will be up and running soon and I will post the link when it is ready!


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