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Revolution - Official Music Video posted at: 28/06/11 @ 07:06 | « back to main

The Video for Revolution is here. This is the 6th video for the "Underground Method" Project and a great bookend to the first part of the New AJB concept. It is really awesome because it completes the visual/video aspect of what will be presented at the "Underground Method" Art Show on August 7 in Bridgehampton. Greg McMahon once again is responsible for capturing all of it on film and for setting the lights and making sure everything looks just right. Craig Kempf was there getting some great images and also contributed in helping film some parts. Todd Kempf also was able to get some great still images of it all. Gail Benevente filled the role of a broken dancer in a music box as only she could!
This song and video is special to me because it is a simple video in many ways, but there is depth to the idea and concept and to me makes the statement. Anyone that has followed AJB for a long time will probably like that about this video.
Especially with all that is going on in the world, I am very happy to present this song and video at this time.
Everyone involved is Extremely Rad and I am grateful for them!!!

Written and Produced by Adam Baranello, Guitars by Craig Kempf @ AJB Studios. Song available on ITunes. A Video by Adam Baranello. Cinematography (Director of Photography) : Greg McMahon. Additional Cinematography: Craig Kempf Choreography: A&G Dance Company Dancer: Gail Benevente


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