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The Underground Method - Cassette Form!! posted at: 22/09/11 @ 04:09 | « back to main

The Underground Method has gone to print in limited edition Cassette Form!!! I am super excited to be putting out this album in the form of cassette. I grew up with tapes and to see my album as a cassette is a really cool feeling. It is also a nice feeling because I thought of the idea organically, and felt it was something unique that I have not heard of anyone else doing. As an indie artist, it is a nice thing to be able to create pieces of art and limited edition or small number pressings. Not that critical mass wouldn't be nice, but I do really enjoy focusing on the creation of art and when people respond to it and support it I am extremely grateful. The Method of Being Underground and still being heard is a cool journey.

Below is the cover of the Cassette and the cassette art as a whole. \m/


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