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This is a blog with my art work. Canvas work: oil on canvas and mixed media on canvas, as well as some mixed media on wood pieces that I have created. Some of the art is for sale. Some of the art has been sold.
The art that I am creating is a mix of street art and pop art. It has a gritty edge and the style of street art, as some of the pieces are created in unconventional ways, yet it falls into the realm of pop art as well, in the sense that it incorporates an image that is infused into each piece and the repetition involved. Ironically however, the AJB logo is an original image that represents an original independent company, as opposed to creating art around a popular image such as coca cola or campbell's soup. I guess that is why it falls somewhere between pop and street art. Regardless and more importantly than the classification, it is original art created around original ideas.


AJB Flag
AJB - Change the World
AJB - Choose Love
AJB - BlackListed
AJB - Grenade
AJB - Heart Bomb
AJB - If I were Famous
AJB - Megan
AJB - Rachel
AJB - 3G on Wood
AJB - A Skull Means Love
AJB - Shipping Receipts
AJB - OriginaL
AJB - T-Rex
AJB - Love what is Different
AJB - Alien
AJB - Love what's on the Inside
AJB - Red Balloon of Hope
AJB - Flag on Black
AJB - Don't Be a Robot
Robby Heart
AJB Good vs Evil
AJB Ballerina

AJB ready to Fight
AJB Spray Can on Blue
AJB Soup Can
AJB Royalty
AJB Triceratops


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