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Raise the Flag posted at: 05/12/11 @ 04:12 | « back to main

This is the next song off of my newest project. I write songs that are close to my heart and show how I feel and how I see the world. This song is particularly close to my heart because it is a very hard thing to deal with getting picked on. Whether it is as trite as getting made fun of for the art that you create or as horrible as being made fun of for who you are attracted to or the natural person that you are, everyone has experienced some form of bullying. It seems like a common thread is that some people get angered by those that express who they are, and do not suppress who they are even if it means being different. I think it is important to be stronger than those who try to bring you down and to raise your own flag...

Adam Baranello - Raise the Flag by AdamBaranello

Craig Kempf once again contributed his wicked awesome guitar work to this song!! Written/Produced by Adam Baranello Guitars by Craig Kempf Backing vocals by Gail Benevente Recorded at AJB Studios


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