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Raise the Flag - Official Music Video posted at: 06/03/12 @ 06:03 | « back to main

Shooting the Raise the Flag video was a really cool time. The schedule has been so hectic that it was hard to find the time to shoot it. The concept of the video changed a few times based on the timing of things, but in the end turned out to be the original idea and concept. The song is about being strong and picking yourself up no matter what is thrown at you. It is about standing for something.
Craig Kempf was there to film it and take some pics. Todd Kempf captured some cool stills as well. The lovely G was once again Dancing on film and Casual Zen was there helping behind the scenes.
Exploding an old television was a lot of fun. it is a very streamlined and direct AJB style video. I am really happy with it aesthetically.

1st Image - Craig Kempf Photography

3 Other Images - Todd Kempf Photography


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