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The 2nd Annual AJB Art Show Blog!!! posted at: 13/04/12 @ 04:04 | « back to main

This is the official blog of all of the preparation, information and behind the scenes footage for the 2nd Annual AJB Art Show on August 4th &5th, 2012 in BridgeHampton, NY.

AJB-Adam Baranello

Adam Baranello is AJB. Through his art (music, movement, fashion & art) he has created an original lifestyle brand. This art show is a cohesive presentation of all things AJB.
He will be displaying his art which is AJB designs using oil paint, spray paint, glue, fabric paint and paper on canvas and wood.
(This link is to AJB Art where you can see all of the pieces:AJB Artwork)
He will also be performing his original music live with singing, and dance choreography. The music is from his 2 latest projects, "The Underground Method" and "Raise The Flag".

Latest tracks by AdamBaranello

It is really exciting to be doing this again and having awesome people involved. It is also going to be really fun to share a lot of it right here.

R.S.V.P. to the ART SHOW***HERE***

Rehearsal Day 1- Padded Room!

Rehearsal Day 2- Anthem!

Rehearsal Day 3-Moving along!

Day 4 -Getting better!

Day 5- working with Adrianne!

Day 6!

Day 7

Day 8-The Dancer

Rehearsal Day 9

Day 10- Break These Lies

Day 11-Instrumental Duet & Working with Joanne :)

Day 12-Revolution

Day 13- Break These Lies

Adam & Gail choreographing...

Day 14-Anthem with Joanne & Adrianne

Day 15- Full run through of "The Underground Method". 1/2 way there!!! "The Underground Method" on CD

Day 16

Day 17

Day 18-The Start of "Ruckus"

Day 19

Day 20

Day 21

Day 22-Learning "Raise The Flag"

Day 23

Day 24-Working on Dance Song

Day 25

Day 26-
Learning Dance Song, Make Me Strong & Royalty

Day 27

Day 28-Finished all the Choreography!!!!!!!

Day 29

Day 30
AJB is listed in this Music & Art Anniversary Issue of the LI Pulse!!!

Day 31

Day 32

Day 33

Day 34- Full Cast Rehearsal!

Day 35

Dress Rehearsal 1

FINAL Promo Vid!!!

Instead of posting rehearsal pics from now on, we will post 1 professional pic per day from our dress rehearsal until the day of the show!
10 days...

9 days

8 days

7 days...

6 days...

5 days...

Art Show Line Up

Gail Benevente

Gail is the co-owner of the A&G Dance Company with Mr. AJB! She is honored to be a part of AJB and is really excited about this show in particular because of all the people involved. It's a real community of people coming together to express original art. Gail has choreographed the entire live show (with Adam) and has been rehearsing all the dancers a few times a week in preparation. She loves choreographing to Adam's music because it has so much meaning to fuel her ideas while coming up with concepts in movement. She isn't as interested in tricks and fancy footwork as she is in intention behind each move. What does this movement say to you? How does it make you feel? Does it provoke you? She hopes you have these answers...

Jael Baker

Jael is a professional dancer living on the East End of Long Island. She has been dancing since she was a little girl and enjoys all forms of dance, including Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz. Jael has traveled extensively and made performing a focus in her life as well as, creating original art works in jewelry metal works. Jael says: “As an artist myself, I appreciate what Adam and Gail do in their company and am excited to be part of their work!” Jael is also creating a new jewelry line for AJB and it excited to share her work.

Sara Jo Strickland
Dancer/Director of the Hampton Ballet Theatre School

Kira Merlino

Kira was in the "Anthem" "Break These Lies" and "Tell Me" music videos. She also is an AJB model. She will be at the AJB Art Show modeling and dancing!
Kira says: "Music intoxicates me, Hip-hop music especially, awakens something inside of me. I heart dancing for AJB because his music sends a great message. As an independent Artist, he sets a strikingly unique example."
Thanks Kira for being such a great part of AJB!

Barbara Rosenthal

Barbara has been dancing for years studying ballet with Sara Jo Strickland, director of Hampton Ballet Theatre School (HBTS) and taking hip hop and tap with the A&G Dance Company (A&G). Barbara is the reason that A&G now work with HBTS!
Barbara has performed with AJB in the past in the "Anthem" music video as well as a couple of live shows including the 1st AJB Art Show and is looking forward to dancing in the 2nd this August!

Megan McGill

***Bio Coming Soon***

Rachel Longobardi

Rachel is a 30 year old college student currently attending Stony Brook University for sustainable studies, focusing on renewable energy as a possible career choice. She loves music, writing and photography, as well as running outdoors and working out. Rachel loves AJB because she wants to be part of something different and revolutionary.

Kitty Nerd AKA Adrianne

Adrianne is excited to be a part of AJB and had a lot of fun modeling with them! She was happy to have them on the Jason Galka show and she looks forward to being a part of their second annual art show in Bridgehampton this summer as a dancer and promotional model.

Jimi Durso

Jimi Durso (or Twang!, as he’s also know) has been making music for what seems like centuries. From the Blues-Rock of his high school years to Progressive Rock and Classical music in college to jazz and avant-garde (as well as a lot of Ska in the 90’s), his quest for variety has been never ending. His latest output has been in the form of Coincidence Machine, a duo w/ Matt Baranello that, though mainly rock & roll based, does explore many of these fringe areas of music. Both Coincidence Machine and his other project with Matt, Piltdown Man, are being released by AJB Productions. You can also hear Jimi's tremendous guitar work on 4 songs of Adam Baranello's New Album: Raise the Flag.

Greg McMahon
Image Maker

Read all about Greg Here: Greg McMahon

Craig Kempf

Read all about Craig Here: Craig Kempf


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