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Raise The Flag Album Released!!! posted at: 30/09/12 @ 04:09 | « back to main

My Newest project, Raise the Flag, has been released in solid form!! This is my 4th Album and I am very excited about it. I also Released the 2nd pressing of The Underground Method. I remastered it, and when you listen to both The Underground Method and Raise the Flag side by side, you will have a very nice sonic experience. I will be finishing the music videos up for the album by the end of the year, and we have been hard at work with a lot of new AJB things. New canvas art, and a lot of New AJB Clothing things. New exclusive designs and super awesome Men's V-Necks and Women's super soft, super awesome V-Necks and other cuts.
AJB is always evolving and moving forward. Raise the Flag is the next step and where we are right now, as we go!
Always grateful for the support we receive!


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