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AJB Winter Art Show posted at: 01/02/13 @ 05:02 | « back to main

This is the official blog for the AJB Winter Art Show to be held at the HBTS Art Space
213 Butter Lane
Bridgehampton Unit J
Gallery opens at 7pm
Live performance at 8pm!!!

R.S.V.P. to the ART SHOW***HERE***

Below you will find rehearsal pics and bios from all the artists involved which will be updated constantly leading up to the show.

Latest AJB Tracks

Latest tracks by AdamBaranello

Adam Baranello-Artist/Musician/Choreographer

Adam is the owner of AJB Productions which produces original music and art and the co-owner of the A&G Dance Company which specializes in dance education, choreography and performance with heavy emphasis on accompanying his original music in their live shows and media work. Adam is excited to be adding on the winter edition of the AJB art show this year. Adam feels that AJB has expanded in so many ways in only 6 short months and feels it is necessary to share that growth with anyone interested.

Gail Benevente-Dancer/Choreographer/Muse

Gail co-owns the A&G Dance Company which specializes in dance education, choreography and performance. Gail loves using Adam's music in choreography because she find so much depth in the lyric and rhythms. When she's dancing to it in performance she feels so deeply rooted to it as if she's tapped into another dimension. When sharing her movements in the creative process and in performance, she feels extremely vulnerable and struggles on a daily basis with balancing fear and trust.
Dance and living this AJB lifestyle is something she can't imagine living without and hopes people find truth within the art show.

Ana Nieto-Dancer
Founder of Turtle Shell Health, Ana's life has been dedicated to expression through movement.
In Spain, her native country, she studied ballet as a child and modern dance as a teenager. She performed at her high school and at community centers. What started as a hobby has developed into her main passion later in life.
After living in New York City teaching body awareness, she moved to Sag Harbor, closer to her re-discovered true passions: sustainable living and a love of the
ocean. Here she encountered the opportunity to dance.
Thank you A&G for the opportunity to dance in your company and your continuous support!
"Dancing is the vehicle to create and send out good energy to the world.”

Sara Jo Strickland-Dancer

Sara Jo is the founding artistic director of the Hampton Ballet Theatre School in Bridgehampton, NY. She choreographs, performs and teaches students from age 3 through adult level dancers.
A classically trained ballet dancer for over 25 years and with experience in jazz and modern dance, Sara Jo wants to carry on, through her school, the appreciation of the arts, especially the art of dance.
Sara Jo is thrilled to be a part of the A&G Dance Company and applauds A&G for bringing a unique combination of art, music and dance to the Hamptons.

Anita Boyer-Dancer

Anita Boyer teaches dance at Hampton Ballet Theater School, co-founded and directs the theater troupe Our Fabulous Variety Show, and plans random productions through her company Stressless Event. She graduated from Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University with a major in Video Production, and utilizes her directing education in her dance and theatrical endeavors. She has over 15 years of dance training in classical ballet, jazz and modern dance, is a skilled swing and ballroom dancer, and loves to belly dance when the music is right; but her true passion is for tap dance. Anita is proud to be a member of AJB because they appreciate the creativity of their members and allow them to shine in their own light, and don't try to put them in a box (no no no!).

AJB Jewelry by Artist Jael Baker

Kristen Asher Photography
Kristen Asher is a Long Island based photographer who graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York City with a Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts in Photography. Kristen has been shooting for 13 years, her first camera being a 1970's retired police issued Nikon.
A lover of tradional film and also very well accustomed to the digital age, Kristen enjoys combining elements of both to create her specific visions.


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