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NPR Station 88.3 WPPB at AJB posted at: 27/02/13 @ 06:02 | « back to main

AJB was commissioned by NPR Station 88.3 WPPB to make their Official T-shirt. I was extremely excited to get this call because I honestly Love 88.3 WPPB! They are literally the one place on the radio dial where you will hear truly independent artists mixed right in with the major stuff. Being one of those indie artists, I am extremely grateful for the context in which they provide for my work! To be able to be a part of an NPR station and to be a part of the process of creating an AJB T for them has been incredible. Hal Ficket, who is the rad person behind their social media and digital content, as well as the Amazing Host of The Eclectic Cafe, Bonnie Grice came by AJB for an Awesome Photo Shoot to show off the New T's!!
Check it out!

I was also commissioned to create the Official Logo for the Media Mavens. A weekly round up of all the media outlets on the east end! I wanted to portray the progression of media in a cool fun way.



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