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Do What You Love II - New Song posted at: 18/04/13 @ 05:04 | « back to main

So a really Rad person, Bonnie Grice from NPR station 88.3 wppb, asked me quite a few times to expand on my song "Do What you Love," from my album Raise the Flag. Being that it was a complete thought, I had to think about it for a bit. I extended the music into what I felt was a very hopeful direction, and had thought that it was done. A few days later however, New words came to me and I got Rachel Longobardi to come by and extend to vocal part into what is now the Official extended version of "Do What You Love," which will be included on my 5th studio project; Independent Matters.
It's also Music Month on NPR, so it was fitting to do it at this time!
It's currently Free to download!!!



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