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Friends Listen to 88.3 WPPB - (Short Film) posted at: 24/04/13 @ 02:04 | « back to main

We have developed quite a nice relationship with NPR station 88.3 WPPB. It is a nice fit because as an independent public radio station, they have the freedom to play independent artists like myself. They are the pulse of the east end as far as letting us all know about music and happenings that are going on.
Because they are so Rad, I designed their T-Shirt. They also are super rad because they are always up for new and exciting ways to work together to create fun things to promote what it is they do and how AJB ties into it as well. Everyone at the station is really really cool and Bonnie Grice and Hal Fickett are such great great people!
Check out the short film and get your own wppb t-shirt to support public radio!
Also check out a sneak peak of the super exclusive Media Mavens T that I designed and will only be available during fund drives for the station!



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