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Independent Matters - New Song!!!! posted at: 07/05/13 @ 02:05 | « back to main

The newest song from my upcoming album, Independent Matters, is also the the title track of the project. This song features David Asher on bass and guitar. It has a really awesome bass line and it was really cool recording here at AJB.
The other amazing thing about this song is that It was premiered on NPR Station 88.3 WPPB yesterday!! The truly awesome thing about it to me is that I recorded the vocals and finished mixing and mastering it at around 4am yesterday morning. I made a few more edits at around 7am and then sent it over to the amazing Bonnie Grice at around 8:40am. It was premiered on the air at around 10:40am.
It was an example of what is so special about public radio and being Independent. Context is really important to me and knowing the context maybe makes the premiere and release a little cooler... It does for me.
Below a few pics from making the song and video of the premiere and what it sounded like coming out of my boom box.
It's available as a Free Download to!!!


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