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Passion - New Song!!! posted at: 15/05/13 @ 03:05 | « back to main

My Newest release from my 5th studio project: Independent Matters, is "Passion."
Once again if features the incredible guitar work of David Asher. It has been a whole lot of fun working with him here at AJB. He is an incredible musician, and the work flow and vibe has just been incredibly fun.
For the second time, I also was able to experience the amazing feeling of hearing my song premiered on NPR station 88.3 WPPB in less than 24 hours from when I finished recording it.
This is truly a very very special situation.
88.3 WPPB is literally the one place on the dial where an Independent Artist can develop a relationship with a radio station in which both artist and station can support and help each other. It has been a wonderful experience to be around the station and the awesome people that work there. Bonnie Grice is just a great person and extremely supportive of so many artists out on the east end. Hal Fickett is another great person at the station that has done such a great job in directing and connecting the radio into the social medium of the internet. I am proud to consider them and the station friends.
Like with the premiere of "Independent Matters," last week, I was able to video tape the premiere. You will hear Gail's excitement when it is premiered and my arm makes a cameo hahaha!
But if you listen to the video, you will hear how personal and unique of an experience this NPR station can be. It reminds me of what you learn about and see in the movies of what a radio station is supposed to be; where the DJ's have a personality and you are hearing it each day... instead of the same few corporate songs that seem made for you to not turn off the radio in order to hear the commercials.
Independent Matter!


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