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Official Launch of the Media Mavens T-Shirts for 88.3 WPPB posted at: 24/05/13 @ 03:05 | « back to main

On May 24th NPR station 88.3 WPPB will be airing their Media Mavens show, which is part of the Eclectic Cafe with Bonnie Grice, live from the brand New location of the Hampton CoFFee Company. The Brand New Media Maven's T-Shirts will be launched!!!!!
Like the Official 88.3 WPPB T that I designed, this T-Shirt will be available as part of their fund drive. The difference is that the Media Maven's T's will only be available during the find drive. Like all AJB T's, each one is hand made and an original design. The process of this T has quite a few layers as it is not only stenciled, but also has many elements that I do by hand. Bonnie Grice, Hal Fickett and I also came up with the idea of putting the 88.3 logo on the sleeve to tie it all together. It was a really great idea and looks great.
This blog shows not only the actual T's, but the process as well.
This is a great way to support the East Ends public radio station.
The standard 88.3 WPPB T continues to be available and we were lucky enough to have the awesomeness of little Gracie come by AJB and model the kids size T!!
Below are a bunch of cool pics of the process and of the shoot with Gracie!!!

Here is a cool video from the May 24th broadcast!


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