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Independent Matters is Here!!!! posted at: 10/07/13 @ 05:07 | « back to main

My 5th Album: Independent Matters is here! The physical copies are in my possession and we are ready for the Release. I am really excited about this and all the work that comes along with it.
This project has a great deal of fun to make and the process has been such a joy. Settling into the New space and New studio really made for a great production and great creative environment. For the third project in a row I had the honor of working with Craig Kempf on "Fight for It" and "Can't Put me in a Box."
For the first time, I had the awesome experience of working with David Asher. It was a really really enjoyable time. I had so much fun in the studio during the sessions with David.
There was also a great contribution by Gail Baranello on a number of songs. Very very happy to have her on the album!!
The first vocal was recorded in January. The last in June. It's now July and anyone that is interested in AJB can get a copy and hear it. What is so exciting is that anyone listening is hearing 2013. You are hearing something conceived and created all within this year.
I do consider time and speed to be a part of the process, and I am grateful that I am able to share it so quickly.
I am also extremely grateful to NPR station 88.3 WPPB for the tremendous support of this record and of AJB and A&G all together. One of the amazing things that happened in this process was the DJ Bonnie Grice premiering my first single "Independent Matters," and 2nd single "Passion," Literally just a few hours after the last vocal was put down and the songs were mixed and mastered. That, to me is something special.
The Excitement Continues, as I will be performing live at 11am on Friday July 12 on 88.3 WPPB for one hour. As well as, the Official album release party at a secret location on Saturday July 13th. We have a few other private shows before we share the 3rd Annual AJB Art Show on August 3rd, where we will premiere the entire set and choreography for the first time!
I am very excited and Very grateful for the tremendous support and energy around this record!
Here is a video of the making of Independent Matters!



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