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NPR Station 88.3 WPPB: Sessions at the Cafe with Bonnie Grice posted at: 17/07/13 @ 05:07 | « back to main

On Friday July 12, 2013 I stopped by NPR Station 88.3 WPPB to do a Sessions at the Cafe with Bonnie Grice. It was the perfect way to kick off my album release weekend! I spoke about the album and performed a lot of the songs from it. It was important to me to bring all the elements of AJB into the space and give a really cool multi media presentation to Bonnie.
It was beyond fun and such a memorable day!
Hal Fickett took a video of the opening song to use for their social media platforms and Gail recorded a lot of the experience so that we could share it, and anyone that tuned in can now see it. I received messages from people around the world that they tuned in and loved it.
Extremely grateful for all of the support by WPPB!!!
Below is a pic with Bonnie Grice and the video that was posted by Hal Fickett as well as the footage that we grabbed.



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