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Kiirstin Marilyn at AJB posted at: 05/03/14 @ 04:03 | « back to main

Singer Kiirstin Marilyn came by AJB to take part in a new project that I am doing where cool people that do cool things come by and talk about what it is that they do. This New Project is called: AJB Underground.
Kiirstin is a Rad singer from NYC that does original electro rock pop music. It was really fun talking with her and listening to her take on things.
Below is a few pictures, the first short part of the interview, and the First Episode of AJB Underground featuring Kiirstin Marilyn!!


Check out Kiirsten and what she does:

Check out this Kiirsten Marilyn's website.

Check out this Kiirsten Marilyn's FaceBook Page.

AJB Underground: Episode 1



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