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In The Cut: Jim Jarmusch posted at: 12/09/14 @ 02:09 | « back to main

Over the summer I had the enjoyable experience of doing a bi-weekly segment on "The Eclectic Cafe with Bonnie Grice" on NPR station 88.3WPPB. Because I am an alternative artist that functions in an alternative underground way, Bonnie Grice invited me to come on her show and share things that I find to be alternative, under the radar and cool. Things that feed the thread in which I operate, and things that someone might be turned on to that they maybe would miss if not pointed out. Over the summer the cool things that I brought to the table were:
1. Boyhood: A Film by Richard Linklater
2. Catching the Big Fish: A Book by David Lynch.
3. How Music Works: A Book by David Byrne.
4. Fight Club II and a retrospective look at Fight Club
5. The AJB Grunge Pop Art Show: The release and celebration on my New Album and Art Work.
6. A special fundrive edition!

Summer is over and now In The Cut began today what will be a weekly segment. What I brought to the table this week is Film Maker Jim Jarmusch.
He is a unique voice in the world of cinema and a person that any independent artist can be inspired by. He is an artist that appears to be honest and authentic. He has a defined pacing and style to his work that is best to view through the perspective of enjoying each scene for the moment. If you go in to his films waiting for the end, you might be let down. If you let yourself fall in love with the characters and the dialogue and the cinematography, you will most likely have a tremendous experience that you will want to revisit.
His newest film, Only Lovers Left Alive, is a love story about two vampires. If it is your first time experiencing Jim Jarmusch, start there and go back. Fall in love with some awesome under the radar cinema!

Trailer Below


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