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In The Cut: Alexander Wang posted at: 19/09/14 @ 11:09 | « back to main

This week on In The Cut, my weekly segment on The Eclectic Cafe with Bonnie Grice on NPR station 88.3 WPPB, we talked about fashion week. In particular Alexander Wang. The highlight of his new work was the "Barcode Design."
Coincidentally, Bonnie Grice commissioned me to design and paint her outfit for the Long House Gala in East Hampton in early July. Among the images that I chose to paint on her skirt, was a barcode that I created on the back. Next to that, the text "we are not products."
So it was a no brainer to do an In The Cut about this similarity, and point out this synchronistic event in fashion. So whether it is major or indie, the barcode is a part of high fashion now.
I do take joy in the fact that I had created my own barcode fashion piece a few months before seeing this. The barcode is a symbol I have used in my artwork heavily since 2009, and it has significant value to me.
Below is a video of the Alexander Wang runway at fashion week.
Also a nice pic I found online from the Long House Gala.


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