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AJB at Huntington Cinema Arts Centre: The Crapshoot Film Contest posted at: 23/09/14 @ 01:09 | « back to main

Had the rad experience of being a part of the Crapshoot Film Contest at the Huntington Cinema Arts Centre yesterday (9-22-14). The Suffolk County Film Commission contacted me to take part and submit a film that touches on the problems developing with the water quality on Long Island. I created The Waterways, a 4 minute film noir that hopefully gets someone's attention that there is a problem going on (You can see it in my previous blog).
It was an absolute awesome experience to see my film presented in a screening room theatre with an audience of around 85 people.
Yes, I was one of the winners selected, but the best part was seeing the work on screen.
Here are some pics from the day.


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