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AJB Feature Film: Dead End - 2015 posted at: 29/10/14 @ 05:10 | « back to main

I have begun work on my first feature film: Dead End. This is something that I have wanted to do for some time, but needed the right timing and the right people to fall into place. Those things have happened and I am beyond grateful that 3 truly awesome people are signed on to make this movie happen the right way. Gail Baranello, Adrianna de Svastich and Kiirstin Marilyn makeup the 3 leading roles and it has been a wonderful time working with them so far.
It will be a definitive AJB FIlm.

The Synopsis:
Dead End is an Art Film drenched in music, art and dance.
An existential film in which we first see a Ballerina, a Dancer and a Singer, Dead. The film then flashes back to give an insight into the lives and thoughts of three friends, the things that drive them, as well as the things that haunt them.

Below is the official movie poster art. The two main promotional pictures of the films stars, as well as the trailer for Dead End.



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