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In the Cut: Communication and Design. posted at: 20/05/15 @ 01:05 | « back to main

This past week on In the Cut, (my segment on Bonnie in the Morning, on NPR Station 88.3 wppb), I spoke about Alice Rawsthorn.
Alice is a writer. Her accomplishments include writing about design for the International New York Times and author of the book Hello World: Where Design Meets Life.
I found about Alice Rawsthorn while doing a hashtag search of Jean Luc Godard on Instagram. Through that search I found her instagram account in which she has a theme each week on how design influenced different mediums; Last week was "design in film."
From there, I visited her website and found some really cool things, and I also reached out and had a nice conversation via email.
Design is such a cool thing to pay attention to. Understanding how it influences everything in our lives is a good way to start to understand a lot of other things working together in this world.

Alice Rawsthorn Instagram:

Check out this Alice Rawsthorn Instagram Page.

Alice Rawsthorn - Website

Check out this Alice Rawsthorn's Website Page.


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