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Dead End: An AJB Feature Film posted at: 31/05/15 @ 06:05 | « back to main

I have completed my first feature film entitled Dead End.
The film stars Gail Baranello, Adrianna de Svastich and Kiirstin Marilyn.
The Synopsis:
Dead End is an Art Film drenched in music, art and dance.
An existential film in which we first see a Ballerina, a Dancer and a Singer, Dead. The film then flashes back to give an insight into the lives and thoughts of three friends, the things that drive them, as well as the things that haunt them.

The film also includes:
Bonnie Grice, Hudson Galardi Troy, Sara Jo Strickland, Lua Li, Kaylie Wilson, Holiday Bovio, and Andres Bedini.

Below is the official movie poster art. The two main promotional pictures of the films stars, as well as the trailer for Dead End.