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In the Cut: A Rad Career posted at: 02/06/15 @ 02:06 | « back to main

Recently on on In the Cut, (my segment on Bonnie in the Morning, on NPR Station 88.3 wppb), I spoke about my favorite movie of all time: Rad!
More specifically about Bill Allen and the fact that he has a new book out called My Rad Career.
Bill Allen was the lead actor in this Cult Classic BMX movie from 1986. Rad is a movie that has a tremendous underground following, and holds a special place in the hearts of the people that know it.
Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love the film, and any model or artist or musician that has been to AJB to do a photoshoot, has not only had to experience it on in the background of our shoot, but also has to hear my soap box speech about how this is the greatest piece of 80's cinema that there is.
From my hand made t-shirt line, to the uphill battle I have had as an independent artist dealing with the corporate industry, this movie has been in a weird way, part of my process.
Bill Allen's book, gives you insight into the film and his career, and it is really awesome to get to read something from someone that may not be famous to everyone, but was a part of something that had a great impact on an esoteric group that are lucky enough to know of Rad.
Search around online and you may be able to find Rad Streaming, or better yet, track down an out of print VHS or bootleg DVD if you can. (It also has an incredible sound track by John Farnham).
Below is the original trailer, as well as pictures of my copy of Bill Allen's new book.
I am also including a link to his website.


Check out this Bill Allen's Website Page.


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