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What's Cool: LCR posted at: 15/06/15 @ 02:06 | « back to main

I recently spoke about LCR on my segment "In the Cut," on "Bonnie in the Morning," on NPR Station 88.3wppb.
Since then, I have brought it with me to some parties and people have fallen in love with this little Dice Game. It is three dice with each side having either an L, a C, an R, or a Dot on it.... Each player starts with 3 small chips. When you have 3 chips, you roll 3 Dice. If you do not have 3, roll the amount to match what you have, (2 or 1).
You simply move the chips to where the dice tell you; (L)eft (C)enter (R)ight. A dot, simply hold onto your chip. The person left with chips wins the pot. That's it!
In Cancun this past weekend for a family wedding, the rain kept us indoors on Saturday. It was well worth it. We started a game of LCR, and after a little while we befriended a wedding party that joined in on the fun. As I was explaining it to them, they were pulling it up on their phones trying to order it. It was the most epic game of LCR that I have played to date. Of course, I had to capture some of it on film!


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