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It's ALL NEW FOR AJB posted at: 20/10/09 @ 04:10 | « back to main

So many exciting things are happening with AJB. First off my New Album is out and has been making it's way around the world. It really is so cool to send out albums to people that enjoy and support what I do. It is also available in the U.S. on ITunes.
The new album is the next step in what I am doing and where I am going as an artist.
Connected to that is the NEW Website. Obviously, if you are reading this you are on the site. Don't forget to join and be a part of it. Click around and check out all the cool new things.
Especially the AJB Store. It is Rad!!!
I finished the music video for "We're All Gonna Die" It is in the video section.
I am very happy with it and think it is a great visual to the song.
That song caused some controversy this past week when a teacher confiscated it from a student who brought it in for show and tell.
She apparently didn't like the song title of the first song LOL.
She also didn't do her homework and study up on the fact that it is a song that is part of the curriculum that my Dance Company brings into schools as registered artists in schools.
It is actually a song about life and wanting to change the world. Kids get it...Sometimes adults don't. Weird I guess.
Well a lot more is on the way, and a lot of great things are happening for AJB.

I cannot thank any and all the people who support what we do at AJB. This is truly a very very small amount of people making a creative statement and doing it in an extremely honest way. The people who support it and are attracted to it get it, and I am grateful.
Please continue to come by and check it all out.


Artists are smarter Posted by: GDancer

I Agree =) Posted by: AdamBaranello

Lovin the site!!! Posted by: Ritual

..CoNgRatS ON youR pReSeNt SUcceSS...LooKiN FoRwARd tO See SoOo MuCh MoRe iN tHe FutuRe... Posted by: jackiefitz

My THOUGHTS on ur songs: “We’re all gonna die.” Opinion: This song is very edgy,I would say,it sings ”we’re all gonna die,we’re all gonna die,gonna die,gonna die” n’ when it sings those words,it proceeds to level its self up,like the song-crank its self up,some n’ some more.i really think the song is great,but I would give it a another look it’s alright,I really like the level leveling itself up tho.That was pretty awesum to c a song,sing the same thing over and over again-but raise a lil higher each time,but It got kinda annoying after a while,like yea-we’re gonna die,what about it? “Every single day.” Opinion: Hahahahahahahah,all I can say about this song-is it kind of sounds creepy,but that’s why I love it.great job on the song,the sound.its very hip,very kewl,very different-I would say.:D “Muse” Opinion: OMIGOD,I just found my NEW favorite song.I love this song,is soooo sexi n’ great. I would give this a 10 out of 10.its licious,I cant stop playing it,its off the records.i really enjoy this song.again,its sooooo “We can be.” Opinion: .i love the beat,very good sounds,love the voice.its my favorite because I like the words,I love the beats.very beat-licious. “Playing with fire.” Opinion: I would say this another 10 out of 10,its another fav. Of mine,its great.n’ playing w/ fire,sounds fun-just by listening to this song,n’ that’s what a song is supposed to do,make u feel like doing something,make u feel something,n’ this song,is like saying to me,I think playing w/ fire,would b fun. “Whispers of silence.” Opinion: OMIGOSH,this is another fav.ok,here is a overview of these 3 songs I rate 10 out of 10,which is 100%-I really luv the beats,the tune,the lyrics,I really love the song-all together,it wraps me up,twists me,n’ moves me,to the electro waves. “Get back.” Opinion: Hahahahahaha,I don’t know why-but this song makes my laugh n’ smile,its very funny-exciting-every kewl,every possibility,of awesumness.really enjoying the,”da-da-da”.lol Posted by: ROMA_55

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