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Happy ThanksGiving!!! posted at: 27/11/09 @ 02:11 | « back to main

I am thankful for everyone that continues to support what I do.
I am so excited with growing and moving forward.


Hey Adam, It's Grace! Greetings from cold California. I'm thankful and blessed to know all is well your way. Don't work to hard. xoxo from your Cali fan, Grace ;-) Posted by: Insane_Clown_Posse666

Hi Adam!! Im Ale from Facebook! remember me?? hope u have a great week!! im from Argentina! and i wanna know if u have more fans from here??? u rocks! Posted by: misscroft89

Hey Adam!! Happy belated Thanksgiving!! Thanks for being my friend on MySpace :) Posted by: AshleyApplebee

Hey Adam!! Happy belated Thanksgiving!! Thanks for being my friend on MySpace :) Posted by: AshleyApplebee

Hey Adam!! Nice page you got here. I just wanted to let you know that I love your music and I hope you accomplish any goals in your life. btw I am seriously thinking of buying one of your shirts...going to go check out the store right now lol. Take care and continue to keep in touch on myspace and be an inspiration to us all :o) -Timmy (AKA:Alphabet Soup Profanity) Posted by: UnknwMortal

My THOUGHTS on ur songs: “We’re all gonna die.” Opinion: This song is very edgy,I would say,it sings ”we’re all gonna die,we’re all gonna die,gonna die,gonna die” n’ when it sings those words,it proceeds to level its self up,like the song-crank its self up,some n’ some more.i really think the song is great,but I would give it a another look it’s alright,I really like the level leveling itself up tho.That was pretty awesum to c a song,sing the same thing over and over again-but raise a lil higher each time,but It got kinda annoying after a while,like yea-we’re gonna die,what about it? “Every single day.” Opinion: Hahahahahahahah,all I can say about this song-is it kind of sounds creepy,but that’s why I love it.great job on the song,the sound.its very hip,very kewl,very different-I would say.:D “Muse” Opinion: OMIGOD,I just found my NEW favorite song.I love this song,is soooo sexi n’ great. I would give this a 10 out of 10.its licious,I cant stop playing it,its off the records.i really enjoy this song.again,its sooooo “We can be.” Opinion: .i love the beat,very good sounds,love the voice.its my favorite because I like the words,I love the beats.very beat-licious. “Playing with fire.” Opinion: I would say this another 10 out of 10,its another fav. Of mine,its great.n’ playing w/ fire,sounds fun-just by listening to this song,n’ that’s what a song is supposed to do,make u feel like doing something,make u feel something,n’ this song,is like saying to me,I think playing w/ fire,would b fun. “Whispers of silence.” Opinion: OMIGOSH,this is another fav.ok,here is a overview of these 3 songs I rate 10 out of 10,which is 100%-I really luv the beats,the tune,the lyrics,I really love the song-all together,it wraps me up,twists me,n’ moves me,to the electro waves. “Get back.” Opinion: Hahahahahaha,I don’t know why-but this song makes my laugh n’ smile,its very funny-exciting-every kewl,every possibility,of awesumness.really enjoying the,”da-da-da”.lol Posted by: ROMA_55

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