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A Skull Means Love posted at: 09/12/09 @ 05:12 | « back to main

So many Great things have happened this year. AJB has grown in so many ways; so many projects that came to fruition and continue to happen.
My new album has been making its way to a lot of peoples' hands around the world. It also has created some controversy. It is amazing that the title of a song can invoke so much reaction. It is a song that makes a statement. It is a song that encourages change and to believe in yourself, and to make a difference in this world before you die. Everything in this world lives and dies. Everything has a purpose. It is not good or bad. It just is.

It has nothing to do with religion or spirituality, it has to do with the physical. Whether you believe that your soul/spirit will live on or not, your body will not be here at one point. That is a fact. Realizing that should inspire some to make sure that they are living the life that they imagine.
It also is a situation where because I am not on TV or part of the corporate system, it makes people feel unsafe or unsure of whether it is okay.
For example:
my lyrics

"change the world now
maybe we can
make a difference
it's in your hands

Get up
get down
let's turn this world upside down
up down
start a revolution"

Now your current american idol's lyrics, from his first single

"and we're all staring down the barrel of a gun
so if your life flashed before you
what would you wish you would've done

And if your plane fell out of the skies
who would you call with your last goodbyes
should be so careful who we live out our lives
so when we long for absolution
there'll no one on the line"

One of these songs has much more graphic and horrific imagery.

Which leads to my next clarification:
My Logo in no way shape or form stands for anything bad. It has nothing to do with religion of any sort. It stands for love. It stands for independence. It stands for being creative. It stands for believing in yourself.
A skull is cool. I am a big kid at heart and I still love skulls the way a 5 year old loves skulls. The way Disney knows this and makes sure that their pirates movies have plenty of skulls in it.
It also stands for the fact that this is what I do with my life and I plan to continue to do my part in helping make the world a better place before I die.



the fact that a parent/teacher would have a problem with your song, yet bring their child/student to see MJ's movie confuses me. Also these same adults will let their kids listen to the American Idol winners song which )like you mentioned) has morbid lyrics just bc they assume its safe bc TV said so. Its a sad statement on todays society and educational system. You and I both know that your song promotes all good and no bad and even the kids know it and thats why they love you so much and respect you as a teacher. Youre a great influence on kids and should be very proud and dont let a few ignorant chatter boxes get in your way. :) Keep doing your thing and 2010 is going to be another successful one! Posted by: GDancer

The majority of people are scared of what they don't understand. They are force-fed mainstream and become so comfortable with it that anything outside of the box and creative get criticized without the rationale to back it up... its an odd world we live in. Posted by: rockandrolltendencies

I agree with above :) Posted by: GDancer

Hello Adam =D how are you? i hope fine...i love your music...i love this song "Game" OMG i love this song!!! my facebook is Alejandra Baggi and my twitter is @aleb_89 and my myspace is ale_chasez_89 i hope send my data...for the second cd...=D Posted by: misscroft89

Hi Adam! Love your site and music!! People need to get over such little things like this. Your music is meant to be heard and understood, not to be critizied and start contravorsy. If they don't like it they shouldn't listen, plan and simple! My name is Kristin Gerding heres my myspace I can't wait for your 2nd CD!! :P Posted by: BustyBetty

awww so true.. love the lyrics :) Posted by: dianaperez

My THOUGHTS on ur songs: “We’re all gonna die.” Opinion: This song is very edgy,I would say,it sings ”we’re all gonna die,we’re all gonna die,gonna die,gonna die” n’ when it sings those words,it proceeds to level its self up,like the song-crank its self up,some n’ some more.i really think the song is great,but I would give it a another look it’s alright,I really like the level leveling itself up tho.That was pretty awesum to c a song,sing the same thing over and over again-but raise a lil higher each time,but It got kinda annoying after a while,like yea-we’re gonna die,what about it? “Every single day.” Opinion: Hahahahahahahah,all I can say about this song-is it kind of sounds creepy,but that’s why I love it.great job on the song,the sound.its very hip,very kewl,very different-I would say.:D “Muse” Opinion: OMIGOD,I just found my NEW favorite song.I love this song,is soooo sexi n’ great. I would give this a 10 out of 10.its licious,I cant stop playing it,its off the records.i really enjoy this song.again,its sooooo “We can be.” Opinion: .i love the beat,very good sounds,love the voice.its my favorite because I like the words,I love the beats.very beat-licious. “Playing with fire.” Opinion: I would say this another 10 out of 10,its another fav. Of mine,its great.n’ playing w/ fire,sounds fun-just by listening to this song,n’ that’s what a song is supposed to do,make u feel like doing something,make u feel something,n’ this song,is like saying to me,I think playing w/ fire,would b fun. “Whispers of silence.” Opinion: OMIGOSH,this is another fav.ok,here is a overview of these 3 songs I rate 10 out of 10,which is 100%-I really luv the beats,the tune,the lyrics,I really love the song-all together,it wraps me up,twists me,n’ moves me,to the electro waves. “Get back.” Opinion: Hahahahahaha,I don’t know why-but this song makes my laugh n’ smile,its very funny-exciting-every kewl,every possibility,of awesumness.really enjoying the,”da-da-da”.lol Posted by: ROMA_55

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