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AJB - Moving Forward posted at: 17/11/10 @ 03:11 | « back to main

A lot of change and a lot of new and exciting things are going on with AJB...
I have officially begun my new album and new project. In the developing stages of something that has the intention of being big and very special. I am excited and will unveil pieces of it as this year winds down.
I am grateful for the support of the people that believe in independent art and something that is original. It is not easy to put out something that is not copying anyone else, and it is not easy to get the approval or okay....
That is okay though. We keep on going forward and pushing art and being true to what we believe in.


It is refreshing to finally have someone bring something fresh to the table that doesn't sound like they was trying to hard. You make it sound natural.. Keep being you and true to yourself :D Hugs!! Renee Posted by:

Adam is a pioneer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by: GDancer

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